reikiReiki translates as Universal Life Force Energy. A Japanese doctor, Mikao Usui, is given credit for the rediscovery of this ancient healing art sometime in the mid 1800’s. Reiki uses the laying on of hands in a deep meditative awareness. The practitioner places the hands in appropriate areas on the body for specific healing needs. Clients commonly report experiencing an over-all feeling of well-being. Reiki approaches healing in an holistic way. Not just healing on a physical level, but healing on every level including the mental and emotional levels. Perhaps even going beyond the boundaries of time and space to provide healing for the greatest good.

I was fortunate to have the honor of receiving my Reiki training from the very best: Reiki Masters Adele Cottrell and her daughter Karen Yoe. Karen and Adele were Tai Chi friends of mine and offered to share Reiki with me and it changed my life. I immediately began to include it in my daily routine for self-health maintenance along with Chi Gung, Tai Chi and Chuan Fa. Not long after, I began to offer Reiki as a service to my family and friends, and soon to the public in general. It is an honor to serve those in need as an emissary of the healing energy of the Universe.

Reiki Treatments by appointment only.
Call 812-204-6980 for your appointment.
Rates beginning at $40 per session.

reiki-ronGOD IS

God is energy.
God is love.
Love is energy.

When we give energy,
We give love.
When we give energy,
When we give love,
We give God.

When we give energy,
We receive energy.
When we give energy,
When we give love,
We receive love.
When we give energy,
When we give love,
When we give God,
We receive God.

The Healing begins with the Knowing.

Sifu Ron

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