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Update to Tai Chi Class Schedule

The Tai Chi class at St. Lucas Church will resume on June 4th, Thursday evening at 6:00 pm.  Look forward to seeing you then. 

As of Monday, May 4th, the Tai Chi class at SWIRCA will be LIVE broadcast via the internet.  The class time will begin approximately at 9:30 and run for approximately one hour.  Check with SWIRCA for further details.

All other Tai Chi classes remain postponed until the order is lifted.  During this challenging time, remember that this too will pass.  Do all that you can to keep a positive attitude.  Exercise, meditate and think HEALTHY.  Refer to my website as well as the appropriate facility for updates. Private and semiprivate classes available by appointment as appropriate.  Look forward to seeing everyone very soon.  Peace and Blessings.

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